Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday "Long" Run/Walk

This morning I met Janet (from the Galloway training group) and Michelle (from the gym) at a local running store, so that we could run together on the American Tobacco Trail. It was a cold, but very pretty morning! (It's been raining lately, so it was nice to see the blue sky.)

To be honest, I was happy to see both of them, as I helped coordinate this off-shoot shorter run of some the off-season Raleigh Galloway runners. Most of the rest of them were running an informal 10K race, but I had 3 miles of run/walk scheduled for today. Janet indicated she was interested in running shorter miles, and Michelle emailed me a couple of days ago to see when I was running again. Things seemed to click, the time and location were right, and we had a fun time together!

I did 3 miles in 51:39, a time I was pretty happy with! My average mile pace was about 17:13, faster than last weeks by several seconds. It was nice to see the improvement in this training run, even if by several seconds. I'm looking forward to breaking 17 minutes, and I'm pretty confident that will happen in the next few weeks.

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