Saturday, January 16, 2010

Run Down Six Forks

This morning I took my "long run" down Six Forks Rd. in Raleigh. The running group met at Panera, and while everyone esle did longer, I stuck to my plan and did 3.06 miles of running/walking in 53:05 minutes. It was a very good run/walk, where I upped my pace a bit with minimal (though some IT and PF) discomfort. The weather was a little warmer, which I ejoyed as well. Afterward, the group reconvened at Panera for coffee and breakfast. In honor of my working toward a low carb diet in the coming week, I had a Mediterranean Salad for breakfast, and it was good! (I almost felt smug for getting some veggies in so early!)

Today's mile splits:

Yay for negative splits! The first mile did include a .5 mile warmup, my biggest chunk of walking today.

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