Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday Easy Day--Not

I'm sleepy tired this morning, got to bed too late, but went to the gym anyway. I thought I'd take it easy today, but I ended up being able to push myself harder than expected. I'm glad, because I'd wanted a solid mid-week workout before slowing down a bit for Saturday's Coach Bubba 20K Race.

1) Walked 1.18 miles (20:05 min) on the treadmill
2) Ran 3.45 miles (40:01 min) on the treadmill (still under a 12 minute pace--yay!)
3) Rode 1.80 miles (10 min) on the recumbent bike

1 comment:

renae said...

I get so happy when that happens - when you think you are too tired to do anything but you go anyway and end up having a great workout. It's so satisfying! Way to go!


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