Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Booking My Tuesday Run

1) Ran 3.67 miles (45 minutes) on the treadmill. This was a hard run for me, pretty much the whole way. I had to coax myself through each mile. I usually like the treadmill okay. I think I was just tired, sore, and cranky. The run didn't help much of anything, so I was glad to stop today.

2) Walked 0.35 mile (6 minutes) on the treadmill.
3) Rode 2.15 miles (12 minutes) on the recumbent bike.

I decided to change my rewards schedule to every 2.5 lbs, since the weight was coming off so slowly, and today I surpassed my first mark in this new weightloss journey to my goal weight! I decided to order inexpensive ($5-sih) books for the 2.5 marks, and slightly more expensive ones for the multiples of 5. I ordered Jane Eyre (which I may have read, but can't remember, so I think I'm long overdue for a read or reread!) for the weight loss, and threw in The Thirteenth Tale for surviving the run this morning. I am helpless. It wasn't even that long of a run, but it was just hard! :P Books are my new junk food. So there. I said it.

My Amazon wishlist is getting out of control, by the way, but includes a 24-pack of bottled water! I'm seriously thinking about ordering it next time I need bottled water! I live in a third floor apartment without an elevator, which is wonderful exercise, but less that charming when I'm carrying water in bulk up the stairs. Having it delivered to my front door sounds delightful!

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Jason said...

Jane Eyre, a classic! Keep up the good work!


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