Saturday, February 07, 2009

Long Run Plus

1) Ran 7.05 miles (1:48:00) at Shelley Lake, the best long run I've had in a while! The pace was a little faster than normal, partly because I tried a different strategy, I think. Instead of watching my Garmin for scheduled walk breaks, I used the songs on my iPod instead. I accidentally set the iPod to shuffle songs, but it turned out to be a nice change of pace from my workout playlist. I decided to run through at least one whole song (sometimes two if I was feeling strong), then talk a fast walk break for part of a song, then run the rest of the song and the next. The weather was clear and cold, but a long sleeve shirt and long stretchy shorts kept me plenty warm. I saw a few familiar runners at Shelley Lake, which was fun.

2) Rode 4.20 miles (21 minutes) on the recumbent bike at the gym.
3) Walked 0.35 mile (6:01 minutes) on the treadmill.
4) Ran 0.57 mile (7 minutes) on the treadmill. Just because.

Now I've run a tad longer this week than last, and I still have tomorrow's 5K race (the Run for the Roses). If I run a little extra, I'll have another 30-mile week under my belt for the year. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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Christina said...

Good luck on your race tomorrow.


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