Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Workout

1) Rode 6.18 miles (35 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Did 2.03 miles (25:04 min) on the elliptical

It was the first time I'd been on the elliptical in a while, so it was a nice change of pace to spend some time on that machine.

Meanwhile, I've signed up for a couple of trail races for the fall, and I'm excited about those! The Triple Lakes Trail Race will be on October 3, and the Medoc 10-Miler will be on October 17.


GISRunner said...

Great! I'll be at Medoc also! It's a nice park. I've walked the trails many times with family but haven't attempted to run them yet. I'm looking forward to it!

GISRunner said...

I'm sure you'll do great at Medoc! Hopefully we'll meet each other there. It's a fairly small race, so I'm sure we will.

I'm impressed by the list of upcoming races on your blog. We really don't have very many local races here in this rural part of NC & I just can't devote a lot of Saturdays to driving 45 minutes+ to events. I'd love to do OBX someday, though. That's "the beach" as far as my family's concerned & it would be so cool to run the half (or who knows, maybe the full) someday!


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