Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the Run Again!

I decided to hit the roads for a run this morning, determined to do something to run "outside my comfort zone." By the time I got to the neighborhood where I decided to run, I figured out I was going to set my Gymboss for 2 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking. I HAD been training at a 1:1 ratio, but I really need to work on both endurance and speed, and decided this was one way. Worth a try, right?

In addition to changing the run/walk ratio, I also reset my Garmin Forerunner this morning to record my splits for each mile as a lap time, something I had no idea the Forerunner could do! Thanks to this idea from Christina, I was able to find the Forerunner users manual online and figure out how to set that up (easy, by the way!). I can see how this will really help me analyze my training!

So, I set out on the sidewalks of a nearby Raleigh neighborhood I haven't run in for a while, eager to see how things would go. I decided to shoot for either three miles or 60 minutes of run/walking, whichever felt best, considering how I was already pushing myself with longer running segments. I noticed that the Forerunner screen flashed my mile splits for a few seconds each mile, but I couldn't make them out easily without my glasses. I could tell that the numbers were running in the 15s and 16s, so I knew I was doing pretty well (for me), though I was feeling pretty tired toward the end.

Much to my surprise, I ended up running 3.87 miles in 62 minutes, an average 16:01 pace! Okay, I'm really happy with that! It's my fastest outdoor running average in nearly a month, and the one time I averaged a faster outdoor average mile, I only ran 2.01 miles with an average 15:57 pace. I'm sure that, with more training and weight loss, this will improve soon.

My mile split times:
Mile 1 15:38
Mile 2 16:05
Mile 3 16:17
.87 14:00

One thing I'll work on in the future is doing negative splits, now that I've got the lap time feature figured out on my Forerunner.

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