Friday, August 28, 2009

Rest Day Today

No running or gym time for me today! My legs feel like lead, and I have an 18-mile run/walk on tap for tomorrow!

Part of the reason I have such heavy legs today is that I had a second run last evening, when George and I joined the North Carolina Roadrunners Club last evening for the last of their August Series runs at Umstead State Park. George still needed to get a run in, and I wanted some trail and hill work this week, but hadn't made that happen this week in a morning run.

Last evening's course was a 5K, but I turned around at "the bridge," and ended up clocking 1.9 miles in 32:06, a 16:56 average pace. I wasn't too disappointed, considering it was a second (and hilly trail) run for me yesterday.

Given the chance, I could lounge around in bed and read today, but alas, I'm off to get ready for work!

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