Sunday, August 23, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

Eventhough I did a long run yesterday, and partly because I did a long run yesterday, I went back out this morning, with plans to do an easy run on the American Tobacco Trail. I put my iPod in the armband again, and clipped on my Gymboss--BUT decided not to turn it on. Oh, how the Gymboss has made my run/walk pacing easier, but I just needed a break from the beeping sound!

So, I decided to run for a while and see how I felt, taking walk breaks whenever I needed them. I set mini-goals for myself, picking off benches, trees, signs, and people as needed to get a relaxing run in. :) I ended up with my fastest outdoor average running pace of the year!! Couldn't believe it! I ended up with 3.17 miles in 50 minutes!

1 15:51 min.
2 15:56 min.
3 15:37 (came up with a new mantra there!)
.17 2.35 (a 15:26 pace)

I felt pretty okay afterward, but this afternoon, as I'm writing, I'm tired! My knee's also bothering me a little from Thursday's stumble. Gonna try to take it easy this afternoon and evening.

Meanwhile, last night I finished reading the Carolina Godiva Track Club's most recent newsletter, and my running horoscope said, "Think through your training regime and don't overreact when it doesn't go according to plan. Just keep running along." Huh. :)


Shannon said...

Great job, Lesley. That's a great improvement.

Christina said...

Great job with the run and you're times for 3 miles was excellent.

Christina said...

Ok, I'm reading the blogs backwards and just read the long run blog. Although the long run was at a slower pace than you wanted, look how great this one was. Focus on how great you are doing and your improvements. And then today (Tuesday) you have negative splits too. Amazing!


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