Friday, August 14, 2009

Short Bike Ride, Plus Marathon Lodging Booked!

This morning I rode 5.25 miles in 30 minutes on the recumbent bike at the gym. Saving my legs for tomorrow's 16 miler! Holy cow, I still can't quite believe I'm doing it, but I AM!

I'm more determined now than ever, because I got an email from another one of my pace group leaders yesterday, suggesting I pull back from the marathon and go for the half marathon instead. I'm healthy (except for some extra weight), just SLOW right now, and the marathon is nearly three months away! Still a good bit of time to make improvements, in my book, plus it should be cooler in November--which will help!

So, two group leaders--in less than a week's time (see last Saturday's post)--are trying to wave me off an event that's almost three months down the road, and I'm about half way through the training program! I've been gracious to them, but I am a bit disappointed in their timing. It feels like an ill-timed and premature suggestion. I would've appreciated advice on speed drills to try, or nutrition tips, or something. Granted, they aren't getting paid to be group leaders, and they're regular runners like me, only faster. ;)

So, I'm feeling a combination of discouragement and determination this morning. And I'm going to run tomorrow's long run on my own in the morning, instead of with the group. I enjoy the time to myself that running affords, anyway. I'm an introvert at heart, and savor the recharging time that my morning exercise usually provides. George may run with me tomorrow, but it's still up in the air.

Meanwhile, I've started doing some mid-week speedwork, and am working on my nutrition and weight loss as well. I'm thinking about finding some hills over in Umstead for mid-week training. I'm determined to make this happen, or pass out from trying! Marathon training is a journey, and part of the experience is learning about myself--my body, my mind, and how I can push the total package.

Meanwhile, I have made our hotel reservations at the Outer Banks for marathon weekend!! Woohoo!!

Okay, I'm not giving up!


Christina said...

You go girl! Don't let them try and talk you into doing something else. You can do it!

One thing I've noticed about your workouts is you run a little each day. Do you have a schedule you're following during the week? If it has you running each day I think a different schedule may benefit you more. Something where there are fewer days but more miles on those days. Last March before my injury I was running 5 and 6 days a week and we know what happened. This time around I'm going to run 4 and the occasional 5 days a week. I'd be happy to help with a schedule for you if you'd like.

Lesley said...

Hi Christina, I'd LOVE some schedule advice! I'll drop you an email!


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