Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Morning Workout

1) Rode 8.1 miles (45:02 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Stretched about 10 min (IT bands, glutes, hips)
3) Walked 1.16 miles (20 min) on the treadmill
4) Ran 0.40 mile (5:01 min) on the treadmill

I'm a little achy today after yesterday's Galloway group run, but not too bad. It's nice to have something beginning to resemble a long run under my belt again. Nice way to end the month.

I keep thinking about a conversation I had yesterday with a lady who was trying out the Galloway group, and mostly walked at the back of the pack with a friend of hers who ran with us last year. She said it helped having Janet with her, but that she still got discouraged. I shared with her some of the things I went through last season, and let her know that consistently showing up helps a lot. I hope she sticks with it.

Meanwhile, George is a little sore today, himself, but isn't complaining too much. I'm still really impressed that he stuck it out and finished yesterday. He's going to give it one more week before he decides whether or not to join the Galloway group.

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