Saturday, May 09, 2009

Doctor's Diagnosis & Walk on the American Tobacco Trail

Yesterday afternoon I went to one of the orthopaedists at Duke Sports Medicine, and was diagnosed with Iliotibial Band Syndrome. She prescribed stretching and referred me to physical therapy, but the next appointment I could get for PT isn't until the end of the month! Arrgh! Meanwhile, I asked her when I could return to running, and she said that I need to be pain free when I'm walking down the stairs (which hurts now in the morning). *sigh* I'll do what I need to do to be ready for the Outer Banks Marathon, though! Stretching queen, that's me now!

This morning I walked 6 miles on the American Tobacco Trail. George wanted to go with me, so we walked together. That was a different routine for me! My early morning exercise time is my "me" time, when I often recharge and am in charge of what I do. I enjoyed the time with him, but did feel like I had to be considerate of him during the walk, since he's not used to exercising as much as I am. ("How are you feeling? When do you want to turn around?", etc.) I've been talking about the ATT for a while now, and he's been curious about it, wanting to walk together on it. Glad we walked together, but looking forward to returning to my own exercise routine. Am I strange?

I did stretch after we got home!


Christina said...

I feel for you. Being sidelined sucks. I too have the IT band issue and it moved to my hip. I think it is caused my weak glute muscles and I have been working on strengthening them. I also believe it is was brought on my running 6 days in a row and not taking a day off like I normally do. I saw a PT that does ASTYM (you can read about it in my blog) and with ASTYM you are encouraged to run. I'm not sure if there is one in your area and that is covered under your insurance but I encourage you to look into it.

Good luck with the healing and you'll be running again in no time.

Christina said...

Oh, a foam roller works well too in addition to the stretching.

teacherwoman said...

At least you know what is causing the pain, for the most part. If it's just as easy as stretching more and rolling it out on the foam roller often, that is good! Keep on stretchin' girl!


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