Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Galloway Run of the Season

I really enjoyed my first Galloway run of the season! It was a 3-miler, and the 14/15 min group ended up doing a combination of 40 seconds running, 1 minute walking. (She had planned for us to walk the 3 miles today, but several of us were interested in doing a combination, so she was very flexible and willing to change--yay!) The leader asked me to help her keep track of the back a little, which I forgot at first, but later I went back to check on a couple of people, who were doing fine, just taking it slow and easy.

George tried the Galloway group out this morning, as he's thinking about joining. He did great, and was generally keeping a faster pace within the group than me! I was impressed. I hope he'll sign up.

It was fun seeing some familiar faces this morning, as well as a lot of new ones! Met some nice people! :)

After the run, we did some shopping at Raleigh Running Outfitters, which was offering 25% off today. I got some gels, including some CarbBoom brand flavors, since that's what'll be offered at the Outer Banks Marathon. (Figured I'd start giving it a try.)

So far, my IT band is behaving itself, and I have that "good tired" feeling. Gonna go stretch out on the couch with a book. :)

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