Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tuesday Gym Workout

1) Rode 8.12 miles (46 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Walked 0.61 miles (11 min) on the treadmill

My right leg wasn't as stiff going down the stairs after this morning's workout, so I'm encouraged by that. Still, I'll see what the orthopaedist says on Friday. I have a feeling she'll ask me about my stretching, which has been almost non-existent. Need to work on that!

On the way to work this morning, I stopped at the Ronald McDonald House, and met the volunteer coordinator there. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed meeting and talking with Karen! If I hadn't had a 10 AM meeting at work, I may have stayed even longer! Talking with her got me even more excited about raising money for the Ronald McDonald House of Durham as I train for the marathon in November. This is a cause that really motivates me!


teacherwoman said...

Umm, you don't stretch? And you workout everyday? Hmmm. best be gettin' stretchin' because that is the first thing your doc is going to tell you to do!

Lesley said...

You're right! Actually, the first thing she asked was how my marathon went! Now, I haven't run a marathon yet, but I ran a half marathon last November. A lot of people seem to leave off the "half" word when they ask me about that race! Have you noticed that?!

Then, the second thing she asked me was, how was my stretching going! Eeeek!


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