Saturday, April 11, 2009

"Long" Run at Shelley Lake

I woke up pretty weary this morning, and almost crawled into bed! I decided to get on out and do something, taking it easy. (I've had extra meetings on top of Sunday AM church and work on 5 of the past 6 days, an unusually busy schedule for me.) I thought about going to the gym across the street, but it was just too pretty a morning to stay inside. Since I had some library books to return, I headed to Shelley Lake (in the same direction from me as the library), and I'm glad I did! Boy, was it a pretty morening! I planned to go around Shelley Lake on a run/walk/run pattern, and went the opposite direction from my usual route for a change of pace. I missed the turn to stay around the lake, though, and it was a while before I stopped someone and asked! So, I ended up going 3.07 miles in 50:01 minutes, with some generous walk breaks in there. It's the most running I've done at one stretch in a while, and it felt great! I saw Ron W. from the Galloway group while I was out, and a lady who looked familiar as well. We stopped and talked for a couple of minutes, but her name didn't come to me. :( I should've reminded her of my name and saw where it took me! :) I think she was part of the Galloway group last year too, though.

On my way home, I stopped at the gym and rode the recumbent bike for 5.4 miles and 30:02 minutes.

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