Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Cardio

I'm feeling the occasional twinge in my right hip this morning, so I decided to take a break from trying to run again today. I walked 3.42 miles (60 min) on the treadmill, then rode 1.80 miles (10 min) on the recumbent bike. Still aware of my right hip after the workout, will be glad when I'm back to normal and not thinking about it.

Meanwhile, I'm back to recording my weight on, and am enjoying that, especially with some weightloss success this week. I'm eager to keep that going, and am trying to come up with some motivational mantras. One I came up with this week was, "Eat like a marathoner!" Well, sometimes I could imagine marathoners eating a good bit, but....eating healthfully, for sure. Tweaking that, I could saw, "Weigh like a marathoner," but that will take a while. I need something more immediate to inspire me.

Weightloss mantra ideas welcome here.

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