Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Friday Workout

I worked out a little extra today, because I overate a bit at last night's Passover Seder with George's family. It turns out that I only gained two tenths of a pound, which was a relief. Could've been better, but could've been worse.

1) Walked 1.72 miles (30:05 min) on the treadmill
2) Ran 0.5 mile (6:06 min) on the treadmill, had to make a pit stop
3) Ran 1.76 miles (21:01 min) on the treadmill
4) Walked 0.6 mile (10:03 min) on the treadmill
5) Rode 2.02 miles (11 min) on the treadmill

I'm still not breaking any speed records, but the running is feeling solid! It sure does feel good to be running again. :)


Louie Monkey-Pest said...

Boston marathon here you come!

Lesley said...

Don't I wish!


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