Saturday, August 09, 2008

That Darn Foot

This morning I had a pretty eventful run, eventhough it was cut short (disappointingly, because my feet were hurting). I ran/walked 10.09 miles in 3 hours, 14 seconds.

While I was running near the back of the pack, I got to talk with JoAnn, one of the group leaders. I hadn't had a chance to talk with her before, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her better. She asked what I do, so we talked about libraries and my job for a bit. She told me about a friend of hers who works at Joyner Library at East Carolina University; she decided she wanted a faculty position within the library, so in past few years, she's completed her bachelors degree as well as a masters degree in English. Now this friend of hers is about to start the library science degree program and NC Central, utilizing the online option, at the age of 51! Pretty inspiring! That was great for me to hear.

JoAnn and I also talked about my running goal of the City of Oaks marathon. She suggested (tactfully and kindly) that I consider running the half marathon instead. She has run several half marathons and loves them! I started thinking about it, and how I've felt pretty spent after 10 miles in the past few weeks. If I concentrate on half marathon training, I could continue to build my mileage base, and return to some fall road races without feeling guilty about missing higher mileage runs on Saturdays. I'm still mulling over all of this, but my gut feels relieved when I think about running a half marathon and more 5k and 10K road races.

During one of our bathroom breaks, which happened to be at Crabtree Valley Mall. We were diverted from the door we usually go in because it was still locked--to keep out the line forming for none other than American Idol tryouts! Who knew?!

After I finished 10 miles and veered off from the group, I got to the parking lot, and had a nice chat with Janet and Jeanette, twins training with the Galloway group, who were parked near my car. They're very nice, so I enjoyed talking with them while standing still. :)

I got in the car and headed for the gym, feeling the need to work out some more. I felt a little frustrated and cheated out of a longer run. I went through the McDonald's drive-through and got a Diet Dr. Pepper to rehydrate, and drove straight to the gym. (Since my apartment complex is right across the street, I was a little tempted, but not much.) I did 45 minutes and 3.33 miles on the elliptical, and enjoyed listening to music on my iPod for most of that workout. I still felt bummed about not going 18 miles as planned today, but I felt better.

Afterward, I dropped into the grocery store in the same strip mall as the gym to get some items. When I was ready to check out, I happened to get in line behind several men with Durham Fire-Rescue shirts on. As they were getting their grocery bags together, the cashier reached for my discount card and asked how I was doing. I usually say, "Fine, how are you?" This time I told her I was okay, that I'd just worked out at the gym and was ready to get home. For some reason, she asked how long I'd been at the gym. I told her 45 minutes, but that I'd run for three hours before that. (Okay, she didn't know I was licking some silly wounds!) Well, the Durham Fire-Rescue guy closest to me heard the exchange and did a double take at me, then turned to his cohorts and said, "Dang, she ran for three hours!"

Okay, so that made me feel a little better! :)


Samantha said...

hang in there, lesley. You deserve a big pat on the back for hitting the gym after stopping your run early!

Uncivil said...

Wow! Lesley
You are doing great. I'm sorry that I've been so slack lately.
I'll be gettin' back in the groove once the heat wave is gone for good.
You and my sis-in-law are puttin' in the mileage. Makin' this ole man look like a "Wuss"!!!LOL!!!
It did feel good to get out there and run this weekend!


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