Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shelley Lake Run

Today I hit the trails around Shelley Lake in Raleigh, hoping to work on my speed a little bit. My goal was to go between 10-13 miles, and I ended up on the low end of that, with 10.25 miles in 2 hours and 55 minutes of running and walking.

I did a 10 mile route that includes part of Shelley Lake and part of the greenway heading toward Crabtree Creek. I was a little worried about getting lost, but it all looked familiar to me, and eventhough I took a wrong turn at one point on the greenway, it was a short path, and I was able to turn around and get back on track easily. (That accounted for most of the extra quarter of a mile in my total mileage.)

I took a pit stop at Crabtree Valley Mall, including filling up my water bottle down by Pottery Barn.

My feet bothered me some, but not as much as during my last 10-miler. I also drank more water, which helped overall. (My sweat didn't smell like ammonia today either, big relief! Sorry if that's TMI!)

My average pace today was about 45 seconds faster than my last 10-mile run, so I'm happy about the progress. At a 17:04 average pace for today, I'm still about a minute/mile slower than I need to be to finish the City of Oaks Half Marathon on time. Granted, this was a training run, but it wasn't even a full 13 miles. I'm hoping I'll get there!

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