Friday, August 22, 2008

Just the Bike

My legs are a bit sore (and I'm a bit tired) from last evening's run at Umstead State Park, so I just did 30 minutes on the recumbant bike this morning.

I'm thinking about doing my long run by myself in the morning. I'm scheduled to do 12 for the half marathon, but have been stuck at 10-ish on my long run Saturdays of late. I'm getting a bit discouraged about talking about my bum feet to the Galloway group; I wonder if they think I'm complaining and not doing anything about it! Truth be known, I have been delaying a bit, since seeing a specialist and getting orthotics, or even getting good running shoes (which I have already) all gets expensive, and I'm trying to weigh the foot issues with other things I'm saving for. Orthotics-probably the route I'll go in time, cost $400-500! Yikes! That's on top of decent running shoes, which wear out, and cost in the $100 neighborhood.

In the big scheme of things, this running thing is a hobby of mine, but it's a really important hobby! Would I spend this kind of money on any other hobby? Probably not in one chunk. My feet rarely bother me when I'm going through the day, doing normal things. So, I'll probably start socking money away for orthotics, or wait my healthcare reimbursement account can be flush again. (My current balance is down to a couple of dollars, should've put more in, but didn't anticipate the broken nose plus physical therapy for a groin strain.) That money would be pretax, which is nice, if I can wait a few more months.

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