Monday, September 18, 2006

Twice a day.....

Yesterday, I made it to the gym twice, for cardio in the morning and strength training (upper body) at night. Last night, I did some cardio first, doing the fitness test on the LifeFitness treadmill. I scored a 32, Above Average! An improvement over last time! :-) My upper body isn't as sore as I expected it to be from last night's weight training, so I wonder if I need to take things up a notch. Probably so.

I got my hour of cardio in before breakfast this morning, but have a 2-hour Group meeting tonight, so I don't know it I'll make it back to the gym my my second workout of the day. Would like to.

I enjoyed looking through my new Runner's World issue last night. I was intrigued by the ads for various races (usually marathons). Makes me want to go to become a better runner and go to some of these races!

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