Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Morning workout

I got up early enough to work out for 35 minutes at the gym this morning. I feel a little tired, but not nearly as tired as I felt back in the spring, the first time I tried it. And I feel like I've already accomplished something today!

This morning at check-in, I was back down to 21.5 lbs down, after a gain yesterday. Funny how the body fluctuates. My fasting blood sugar reading was 91 this morning, glad to see that.

I also worked out for 45 minutes last night. I feel like just about all I do is exercise! I wonder how I'll balance things out in time. For starters, I'm not watching nearly the TV I used to. I taped 2 episodes of "Judging Amy" sometime last week, and last night I just finished watching the first one on the tape. I think this is a good sign, especially since I'm so accustomed to eating while I watch TV. Breaking that habit has felt a little awkward, but it's a good one to break.

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