Thursday, October 01, 2009

Rest Day, Two Days to Go!

I'm not even getting near the gym this morning, and boy, it feels strange!! What's a gal to do?! My legs are feeling pretty tired, so I think that taking a rest day is good, especially since my marathon is TWO DAYS AWAY! Yikes!

Funny, I've been doing things this week that remind me of going on vacation. First, I've been obsessing over the weather on! I'm pleased to say that the chance of rain on the marathon course is now 0%, but there goes the cloud cover too! Oh well!

I've also been running errands, things like grocery shopping, that I won't want to do for a few days after Saturday, if I can help it! I also got my car serviced last night--oil change and fuel system service. It got me home at 8:00, much later than I wanted, but this morning I'm glad that's out of the way. (The little "Maintenance Req'd" light had been flashing at me! I don't want any dashboard lights flashing at me on Race Day Saturday!) I've even been cleaning out the inside of my car over the past few days, and plan to take it to the fancy car wash today or tomorrow. Having a clean, organized, well-maintained car is a nice mental boost, and taking care of my car is a nice, productive distraction from the race.


aron said...

have a great race and have lots of fun!!

Christina said...

Tapering is hard because of all the "free" time. I'm very excited for you. Have a great time during the race. Remember to use your positive mantra's.


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