Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Workout

George and I got up early this morning and joined Janet and Ellen at 6:30 at the American Tobacco Trail to run/walk for a while. Eventhough it was dark and rainy, we had a lot of fun talking and laughing, and the time went by quickly. After a while, Ellen, Janet and I turned around, while George continued on to the end of the trail. On the way back, I squirted my shirt with Hammer Gel AND my Garmin battery died, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the company! I called George after a pit stop at McDonald's at "my" end of the trail, and he decided not to do the return trip in the rain. I went and picked him up at the other end and brought him back to his car. After returning home and puttering for a while, I put on a clean, dry shirt and went to the gym for more exercise. I think I overdid it on the exercise, as my IT band started hurting during the treadmill run. Afterward, I got on the mat and stretched. I'm going to need to do a lot of that in the coming week! I'm getting pretty nervous about the OBX Marathon!!

Still, it was nice to return to some normal exercise after a wonderful vacation with George!

1) Ran/walked 5.68 miles in 1:47:00-ish on the American Tobacco Trail
2) Rode 7.13 miles in 36 min on the recumbent bike
3) Ran 1.03 miles in 16 min on the treadmill

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