Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yesterday's Long Run (Plus the Gym)

Well, I didn't end up going 26 miles yesterday, as I thought I might. One of my Galloway group leaders suggested against it (she suggested 10), and when George and I got to the group run meeting place yesterday, we talked with the assistant program leader, and he advised against it too, suggesting 16-18 tops.

So, I decided to see how my body felt, and after almost 10, I felt a bit creaky, like I was still recovering from the marathon two weeks ago. So, I stopped after 9.72 miles (3:04:31) of run/walking with the group at Shelley Lake. I was able to keep up with the group yesterday at this slower pace, and that was an accomplishment for me. I was desperate for the running companionship, but got tired of looking at the trees, both feeling spillovers from my 11-hour marathon (much of it by myself) in the woods, I'm sure. Part of this training is mental!

So, I headed for the gym, and rode 2.12 miles (12 min.) on the recumbent bike, then ram 1.02 miles (15:03 min) on the treadmill. Later, after a late lunch with running friends at Panera, I returned to the gym for a 30-minute ride (5.33 miles) on the recumbent bike again.

It all added up to a good workout day, I think. I slept in this morning, and have had a restful day so far. I may just take a rest day, or perhaps I'll do some light exercise later.

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