Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cleaning Plus Elliptical

Yesterday afternoon I got a good bit of housecleaning done, and followed up with a 30-minute session on the elliptical machine last night. I was bushed afterward, and slept hard last night! It felt great!

I've been trying out a couple of new exercise apps on the iPhone/iPad lately, Nexercise and Slimkicker (which has an accompanying website). Both use a point system, and it's been fun having some new virtual gadgets to play with. I would recommend both so far.


Johann said...

Cleaning is always good exercise and I'm always tired after that. I've got a blackberry phone and haven't found a great app yet.

Lesley Looper said...

Johann, I'm still looking for the best app for actually tracking all my exercise, one that will spit out different reports. The point systems on Nexercise and Slimkicker are helping me on the motivational end, but on the stats end (mileage doing different exercises, race PRs, etc.), they're not so good. It's fun trying different apps, though, to see what they do.

Today was my first total day off from exercise in a few days, feeling tired. Back at it tomorrow, I hope!


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