Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Yesterday, I did a 10-mile run/walk with the Galloway group that was kinda tough for me. My IT band and plantar fasciitis acted up, as did the wierd stuff in my right foot that comes and goes. It rained on us while we were out, but I didn't really mind the rain-it was a nice distraction.

This morning's workout was nice, though a bit later than I usually work out.
1) Rode 6.62 miles (35 min) on the recumbent bike
2) Ran 1.13 miles (16:02 min) on the treadmill
3) Walked 0.35 mi. (6:09 min) on the treadmill

Man, I'm really enjoying the treadmill lately. Seriously!

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