Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tried a Little Running

This morning I did 35 minutes (2.79 miles) on the elliptical, them tried a couple minutes of running on the treadmill for .16 miles. My strain is a little sore now from the running. Maybe shouldn't have done that! So now I know my body's not ready for running again yet. *sigh*


Bev said...

Hi. Found your blog from a link on Confession of a Runner.

Are you getting ready to start the Take 20 Challenge. Looks interesting. I need to take that challenge myself.

Lesley said...

Yes, it starts tomorrow! I'd love for you to join us! We have 9 folks so far in the little Yahoo group at

I'm really enjoying the Confessions of a Runner podcast, how about you?

Jodi said...

Good luck on yall's 20 Challenge! I'll be rootin for ya! Let me know how it goes.


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