Sunday, February 03, 2008

Night Run

I ended up having to run tonight. I was a worship associate for both church services this morning, so I wanted to save my energy for that, especially since I didn't get to bed until midnight. George and I had lunch at Saladelia, and then I took a big ole nap, which felt great. I had a fairly early dinner so that it could settle before getting a run in. Even so, I didn't get to the gym until 8:00, and I knew I needed to take it a little easy, since it's getting kinda late for a workout. Need to keep in mind winding down afterward and my run in the morning. I decided to work a bit on speed work, so I ran 3.26 miles in 31:40 minutes (on the treadmill) for a 9:42 pace! I think that's the fastest average pace I've had! Still, I missed running longer, and much prefer running in the morning than at night.

I finished the running week with 27.71 miles, a little less than last week, but still not bad.

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