Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doctors' Visits

This morning I had my second doctor's visit in two days. Yesterday was a general follow-up with my primary care physician re: my diabetes. Today I met with the orthopaedist at the sports medicine clinic about my self-diagnosed groin pull. I mentioned the groin pull to my doctor yesterday, but today's session was most helpful on that concern. I was evaluated ahead of time by a couple of people-intern types, I think, and then the doctor came in. Both times I got stretched and pulled, and it was decided I have a groin strain. It was nice to know I was in the right ballpark. The doctor also concluded that my quads and hamstrings are tight, and that if I don't get more flexible, I'll be back with more injuries. She prescribed four physical therapy sessions (my first is next week), and I'll return to see the doctor in six weeks.

I'm definitely looking forward to the physical therapy sessions, a brilliant idea. I just looked up stretching online, and found this good, but kinda funny website. It wasn't meant to be funny, but the stretches are demonstrated by stick figures. Primitive, but you get the point! Check it out here. The stretch to the left, from this website, is called Bum Stretch # 2.


Uncivil said...

I love the stretch exercise link. That's something I get slack at sometimes. I've been trying to do it and incorporate some of my dumbell exercises for my upper body while holding the leg stretches.

Uncivil said...

Hope your healing up quickly and good luck on the "Take 20 Challenge".
I'd probablly have to join "Weight Watchers" or hire a nutritionist to lose the next twenty?


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