Thursday, February 07, 2008

Longer Run

It was nice to get back to a longer run this morning, even if it was a split run. First, I ran 1.45 miles on the treadmill in 15:02 minutes, a 10:22 pace. I had to make a pit stop, and when I got back on the treadmill, I ran another 3.3 miles in 33:16 minutes, for a 10:04 average pace. I feel like I could've run longer, but I overslept by an HOUR (yikes!), and had to come home to get ready for work.

That's 4.75 miles for the day, and 16.98 miles for the running week so far.

1 comment:

Uncivil said...

Great job Lesley! Why don't you rest up tomorrow and Saturday? Then you will be fresh for your road race Sunday!
I hope the weather stays like this for ya!
I think you are going to pleasantly surprise yourself with your race pace.


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