Monday, February 04, 2008

Hard Morning Run

I had a hard time getting going with my morning run, after having to run last night. I wanted to get back on track this morning, though, especially since I have a meeting tonight. I ran 26:33 minutes for 2.57 miles (10:19 average pace) before accidentally hitting the pause/reset button TWICE! Usbkrufpphuh! (I thought I was hitting the distance/current pace/average pace button. It pays to LOOK!) I got going again and ran another 2.12 miles in 21:02 minutes, for a 9:55 average pace. I am tired now, but I'm happy to have my run behing me for the day. Not doing it in the morning yesterday, it was hanging over me all day, and I missed the run until I did it.

I ran 4.69 miles for the day.

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