Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Morning Walk

This morning I was pretty tired, mostly from yesterday's day trip to Merchants Millpond State Park and other spots between here and there, but perhaps from yesterday morning's workout as well. So, I just decided to walk this morning, and ended up going 2.3 miles in 41:07 minutes. That's a 17:53 average pace, which is pretty good for me, as I've been a slow walker in the past. Being under 20 minutes per mile is an improvement. The marathon training must be paying off! ;-)

I went to Weight Watchers to weigh in this morning, and have dropped 9.2 pounds in two weeks, which is pretty exciting. (I lost 5 lbs the first week, and 4.2 pounds in the past week!) The weigh-in receptionist said if I had another big loss this next week, then we might think about adding a point to my daily total (I'm doing the Flex Plan). I just smiled, but didn't mention that I've had a hard time staying under my points total as it is, but I'm still losing weight. I doubt that'll last for long, and I'll need to be more diligent with the points when my rate of weight loss slows down. Funny thing is, when I logged my new weight on Weight Watchers' eTools this afternoon, the site had me retake the Points Quiz, and it took a point AWAY from me! Ha!

I stopped by REI AGAIN this morning on my way home from WW, and stocked up on energy gels again. They're still having a sale on selected food products, so I decided to try a couple of different flavors of the Hammer Gel, Apple-Cinnamon and Raspberry. I tried them this afternoon, and while they were okay, I still like their Vanilla the best. Of the Gu Gels, I like the Vanilla Bean the best so far, so there is a trend. Ya know, I haven't heard anyone else mention the vanilla, but I've heard folks talk about the chocolate and espresso flavors. I think I'll continue to prefer a lighter flavor for pre/post workouts.

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