Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Shopping for Endurance Gels

Yesterday after work, I decided to stock up on some Gu Gels. I have some Honey Stinger Gels coming in the mail from (where they're cheaper than in the stores if you get free shipping), but I wanted to stock on Vanilla Bean (my favorite flavor) Gu Gels while I'm waiting for the Honey Stingers to arrive. Would you believe I stopped at THREE stores before I found what I wanted?! First I stopped at Omega Sports off of 15-501, but they only had Espresso and Chocolate-flavored Gu Gels, not so refreshing during or after a run, in my book. Next, I went to Dick's Sporting Goods, in the same strip mall. They had some other brands, but no Gu Gels that I could find. (I'm partial to Gu Gels, because they have about a quarter of the sodium of the others endurance gels, and I'm watching my sodium.)

I finally went to REI across from SouthPoint (AGAIN), where I was able to buy two BOXES of Vanilla Bean Gu Gels, plus an assortment of some other flavors to try. Unfortunately, there were only two boxes, or I may have bought at least one more. There are 6 in each box. Sometimes I use them during the week, in addition to my Saturday long runs.

I still like SportsBeans, and while I saw an assortment of them yesterday in the three stores, I've found that ordering them online from the SportsBeans website is handy.

Do you use endurance gels, drinks, bars, or other such things? If so, which is your favorite brand and flavor? Where do you like to buy them?

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Diario de Elysia said...

I only use the gels on runs longer than 8 miles. They have about 100 cals in each one so I try to limit those extra cals. I prefer Mint Chocolate or regular chocolate GU.

I also use the GU powdered drink for my sodium, again on my long runs.

I don't use anything but water for anything under 8 miles.


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