Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back from Galloway training run

Well, I'm back from my first Galloway training run! I met a lot of nice people this morning, and enjoying the run/walk/run with the 14-15 min. pace group. I feel a tad tired, but not much, like I still have some energy left. (I didn't sleep well last night, which probably accounts for the tiredness.) I ran strong, maybe fast enough for the 13-minute pace group, but was one of the slower walkers. Next week, we're having a timed mile as part of the workout, which will help with deciding which pace group to be with.

One of the guys I enjoyed talking to has the goal of running a marathon in every state, which is very neat! An older lady I talked to afterward shared that her goals are to finish and not throw up! Words to live by. :)

Since the group met outside of Raleigh Running Outfitters, the store opened early and gave us Galloway runnings some good discounts. I bought a running cap (thanks for the idea, Jennie!), some Body Glide, and the latest edition of Runner's World.

I wore my Garmin 205, but it ended up being almost pointless. I forgot to start it when we were warming up, and I forgot to turn it off for about 10 minutes after we were done, as I got too busy meeting and talking with more people, after which I went inside the store, shopped, and stood in line (where I realized my Garmin was still going!). Oh well. The plan was for us to run a long, slow 3-miler. I'll take their word for it and call it an enjoyable morning run. :)


Uncivil said...

Wow! That sounds like fun Lesley. I would fit right in with the 14-15 minute pace group.
How far do you run before you walk?
Give me an idea of the intervals.

Sometimes my runs are 14-15 minute miles and no walking?
Then sometimes it's in the 12 minute range? Go figure?

Lesley said...

I'll have to pay better attention to distances in the future. (Was having too much fun talking!) I know we walked for about 10 minutes to warm up. I did glance at my Garmin occasionally to see what my pace was, and it usually ranged from the 11s to the 13s, depending on the hills (though I think I saw pace in the later 10 minute range!).


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