Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Long Run, Galloway Style

Today I ran with the Galloway training group again, and I'm bone tired, but I did it! According to my Garmin, I went 6.31 miles in 1:35:03, a little slower than usual, but I'm glad I finished! And a 10K plus, to boot!

I tried a hydration belt today, but didn't like having something around my torso for that duration--it drove me a little nuts, and I didn't even use the water bottle, which was in the back. (Maybe I wore it wrong!) Anyway, I saw a couple of people with these handheld water bottles--I think I'm going to look for one of those.

I also need to buy a t-shirt that's not 100% cotton! I realy sweated a lot today. (Sorry for the charming image!) Several people commented aftward that I needed to get a wicking shirt, with the longer runs ahead this summer.

On a positive note, my new-ish haircut is finally long enough to *barely* fit into a ponytail for my workouts! Yay! I still have to clip the sides of my hair, but now it's a lot more comfortable. No more running with headbands, caps, or 5-6 clips in my hair! I probably sound vain for worrying about my hair for a running group. Mostly, I just wanted my hair to STAY out of my face, but I also didn't want to be remembered for having "bed head" for every Saturday morning run.

Part of our course today went around Lake Lynn, and that was very pretty!

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Uncivil said...

"Lake Lynn" looks like a wonderful place to run.
I've been spending to much time with my gal pal (Her name is "Lynn")(what a coincidence?).
And I finally found a gal I can connect with.
She's still recovering from back surgery that she had in February.
I must say, she's recovering extremely well. Much faster and better than two of my buddies that have had similar surgeries in the past year.
She's ready to go on a few walks with me, and hang out while I get my run in.

You are doing so well......running 10k+ distances already. Especially up there where you are at with the hilly terrain.Keep up the good work!


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