Saturday, May 03, 2008

There's a Running Theme Today

This morning I got up early, and decided once again that I just couldn't go to the gym. I putzed around the apartment longer than I should have after getting dressed for a workout, just feeling tired. I almost decided to give up exercising for today, but I looked out the window and decided I just had to get outside. So I fired up my Garmin, and ended up running 2 miles outside in 27:49. It felt slow, but really good! I've decided that while the treadmill is okay for running, and it doesn't drive me too crazy, running outside is sooo much better!

I did the first mile in 12:58, and it felt great to run a full outdoor mile. I did the run/walk combo for the remaining mile.

After that, I hopped in the shower and raced (by car) to Raleigh, where Jeff Galloway did a running seminar, and it was the kick-off for the current training group season. The auditorium at the NC Museum of Art was full, with some people sitting on the floor in the aisles. I enjoyed learning more about Galloway's run/walk/run method, and I was especially impressed by the energy in the room. It was apparent that there were a number of returning runners to the Galloway training group, which has been going on in Raleigh for a number of years. (It turns out that the Raleigh group is the largest Galloway training group in the country! That surprised me!) A number of people knew each other from previous years, and it was nice to see the comraderie. That's part of what I'm looking for--getting to know the local running community better, making connections. (I work out on my own every morning, and enjoy that alone time for the most part, but a little part of me has felt disconnected and in need of more running connections.)

After the talk and Q&A session, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the training program, which costs $159, a pretty big financial commitment for me. I hope it'll be worth it; I think it will! The packet of goodies for registering included a book by Jeff Galloway, a training journal, and a t-shirt. Galloway stayed afterward to talk to anyone who wanted, so I waited in line to have him sign my copy of his book. It was fun to shake his hand, and he was very encouraging, telling me not to give up, and to walk as much as I needed to.

While I was waiting in line, I talked with some people around me in line. I asked someone (don't remember who) about whether or not I should train for the marathon or the half, and she said that at the 10-mile long (group) run point, the training groups split off into different training runs, and that I could decide at that point whether or not I still have the extra umph to do a lot more distance training for the marathon training, or I'll be good with the half marathon for this season. I ended up talking with a lady names Leslie for a good long stretch. It was so nice to talk with someone that I already had something in common with. She asked me if I felt nervous about doing this program, and I admitted that I had some butterflies, but that I was very excited too. She said all of that is normal. She was very encouraging as well. She even talked about how people can get to know each other in the different pace groups, and how nice that can be, but how cliques can form in running groups like anywhere else. I found her to be very insightful, all the way around. (We also talked about jobs, education, injuries, and other things.)

I also saw my Junior League friend, Susan, and her husband there. She's still considering whether or not to sign up. I hope she does! She expects to go to the session next weekend with her hubby to try it out.


Jenny said...

Sounds like a great program! I'm excited for you, and I look forward to following your blog about the training group!

Uncivil said...

I'm excited for you also Lesley. I live vicariously through you!!!!LOL!! Sounds like you have a great plan!


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