Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Running Journal

I started keeping a running journal again to track my running a couple of weeks ago. I keep it, along with a pen, in my car, so I can write my workouts down soon after I do them . There are charts and lists to help me keep track of my progress, but I haven't gotten that ellaborate yet. Instead, I've found an online running journal, running-log.com, that does the computations and charts for me. Sometimes I think to myself, how many places can I record all of my exercise?!

I like the idea of the paper journal, partly because I still have the one I kept in 1984, a tangible record of my past running days. I also like the online record of my running, though, which I can access anywhere I may be on a computer. The total mile and pace per mile computations are nice features that are helping me with goal setting. (For instance, last month I ran 18.77 miles total, so I'm trying to beat that total this month.)


runjoey said...

Hey Leslie,

I started using a chart the first day I began running and have maintained that same chart for 30 years as of this Friday June 8th. It was 6 months later after my first 10K that I started keeping a journal. Still using it too but have also entered the cyber-age and use an online log at Coolrunning.
Congratulations on you Run for the Quay last weekend. I see it is a big improvement for you. Keep it up

Jeff Plumb said...

I have recently started running myself and I use http://www.MyRunTimes.com to keep my online journal. I really find that it helps to look back over the figures and say yeah, I have done a good job, I'm going to keep going.



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