Monday, January 08, 2007

Up and down

Had a pretty busy exercise weekend, including a strength training session Friday evening with George at the gym, and a full hour on the elliptical on Saturday. This morning I only lasted 20 minutes on the elliptical, though. Was tired this morning (still am), so I took it a little easy. Tomorrow I'll be back on track, I bet. I did enjoy getting an earlier start on getting ready for work, out the door to the Rice House, and on to work.

The crowd at the gym is a little different, seeing some new faces. I guess those New Year's Resolutions are kicking in.

On a humorous note, I got a chuckle when I received my daily tips email from They were talking about a new tea-drinking mug out that has a little pocket for the tea bag. One can have the mug personalized with your name. There was a picture of the mug in the email, with MY name on it! Since mine is not the usual spelling, this caught me by surprise.

1 comment:

lispis said...

Cute coincidence with the name, but slightly unattractive mug concept-I'd rather trash the used bag and not bother abt the soggy item spilling in my face as I drink the last drop!


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