Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another hour on the elliptical

Another hour on the elliptical, and it felt pretty strong too. Ended up chatting a little with a "new" lady next to me named Teresa. Not sure if I've seen her there before. Anyway, she works at Duke too, on the medical side of things. She was encouraging about how long I'd been on the elliptical this morning. That was sweet. :) It helped having someone to chat with this morning, as I was a little tired and appreciated the distraction of chatting . I feel more energized now, even without caffeine.

I'm 99% of the way toward the bronze medal for the President's Challenge! Only 129 points to go. If I do my normal thing tomorrow, that should nail the bronze and send me toward the silver.

I ordered the sountrack CD from "The Biggest Loser" from Amazon this afternoon. I'm pretty excited about getting some new "Pump it up!" music to listen to!

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