Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lunchtime walk--whew!

I walked for 30 minutes today over lunch, with a group sponsored by the Live for Life Office (employee health office) and their current program, Duke on the Move. Duke employees can register and submit minutes spent exercising, and for every 100 minutes, your name goes in a drawing for prizes.

Since I've been exercising a good bit, I thought it would be pretty easy, but I was huffin' and a-puffin' pretty quickly, as we walked through the Duke Gardens. The leader was going at a pretty fast clip, and there are some small hills. I was thinking about signing up to be a walking group leader on another day (Tuesdays and Thursdays already have a leader meeting at Duke South), like Wednesday, but I fear I wouldn't be fast enough. Too, my lunchtime walks have been around the Quad, and not particularly challenging, I can see now. Is making some effort enough? I guess it depends!

Have posted these minutes to NBC, but will wait on posting to Duke on the Move until I see what kind of exercise I do this evening, if any. I have my appointment with Karla at 5:30.

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