Friday, January 27, 2006

Lots of health-related websites out there!

Sister Lisa pointed me toward the site for FitDay at Nice tracker for food, activity, weight and food goals, etc. Also, it's still FREE! I used to do the ediets site, but now I think they are a pay-only site. Most of Weight Watcher's online tools are subscrption-based as well.

In terms of running, Cool Running at has some good tips on running, at least from where I sit (or walk!). It has a free online running log, but it's not comprehensive in terms of activities I'm doing right now.

The dietician who taught my nutrition class the other night recommended for the new food pyramid. For general medical stuff, I like to start with WebMD at

What are your favorites?

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lispis said...

The is a winner. The personal page on food intake is another good guidline. It's a bit discouraging how little we get to eat since I've been eating more than my body requires. The WebMD is super, too. I liked the article on exercising through muscle soreness-
Thanks for the leads and Go Lady Blue Devils, Catapult over Carolina!


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