Monday, June 02, 2008

Outside Walk

This morning I was heading to the gym, but just couldn't get in my car just yet, so I ended up going for a really nice walk (1.81 miles) outside! It was a beautiful morning, so I enjoyed it a lot. Since I'm still tired from yesterday's hard workout (just a day after Saturday's long run), it was nice to have a fairly easy walk.

I ordered a wicking shirt for running from last evening. (Amazing what you find on Amazon!) I hope it makes it here before Saturday morning. I have a busy week, and in-store shopping isn't normally one of my favorite things (unless it's a bookstore!).


Erica said...

I had the same type of walk on Sunday morning. It is nice to just take a stroll once in awhile to catch the sights and sounds of things around, instead of rushing by them and not noticing them.

yumi said...
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