Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Galloway Long Run

I joined the Galloway running group again this morning, and according to my Garmin, I went 10.41 miles in 2:45:01. I started out feeling strong, but was feeling tired and tight in my left leg by the end. A couple other group members walked the last mile or so with me, and I really appreciated that. We ran in Cary this morning, including two loops around Lake Pine, near where George used to live. (Since I've been home this morning, I've discovered a neat blog about Lake Pine, which includes some wonderful pictures. I'd recommend checking it out!)

How can I make these long runs easier? Is it just a matter of doing them, and building endurance as I do the base mileage? Perhaps I should look at nutrition and stretching throughout the week, too.

The social part of the Galloway running group is getting me up on Saturday mornings--and getting me through the distance, too. I don't always want to be the caboose, though. I know, I know, it's not about who's first or last, so part of what I need to work on is mental toughness, perhaps.

1 comment:

Uncivil said...

10.41 miles!!!!WOW!!!
You are tough as a lighter knot my dear!!!!!


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