Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Long Run-Yay!

I ran with the Galloway group again this morning. I was worried about the heat beforehand, so on the way to Raleigh, I listened to my workout playlist on the iPod to get pumped up. I also had my new wicking tshirt on and new water bottle in hand. We met at the Omega store at North Hills, which I'd never been to, so it was fun to see that area. It's a very nice outdoor mall, and it happened to have a farmers market going on by the time we finished our run, which was a nice touch. (I didn't do any shopping, since I was tired and had just gotten some goodies at the Duke Farmers Market yesterday.)

With all the prep shopping and things I did remember for this morning's run, when I ran into Susan I realized I'd forgotten my Garmin Forerunner! Argh! Thankfully, Susan allowed me to bug her periodically for distance updates, plus the final distance and time.

Our 13-minute pace group took a couple of long rest/water stops at the restroom area at Shelley Lake, plus what seemed like a couple of long walk breaks (where there were a lot of hills). I think our total time (2:18:40) for the 8.25 mile run would've been shorter if we'd run more. I was eager to keep going when we were stopped for the restroom breaks, but didn't mind walking the hills too much. The area under my toes on my right foot was bothering me again today. I was able to run through it, but my runs would be a lot more comfortable if that pain would go away.

Thanks to Susan, I tried some Sports Beans for the first time today, and they were yummy! I must get some myself!

I decided to pass on the Run for the Quay 5K this morning. I enjoyed running it last year, but decided to keep on track with the longer run this morning. I hope to get a race or two in this summer, though.

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