Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Time Change

It's interesting to see the changes in outside light during my morning workouts at the gym. It's nice to see more pretty morning light while I'm at the gym. :) Of course, I miss the light as I'm leaving work, and I find I'm ready for bed earlier. I'll adjust soon.

I received my first Carolina Godiva Track Club newsletter, was interesting to read through it. Learned about some area road races I didn't know about before.

I'm down a little over 41 lbs since starting the Rice Diet. I'm excited about my progress!

Happy Halloween!

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lispis said...

May I tell you how awesome you are! Our 6 mos puppy is abt 40 lbs and we pick him up from time to time. We remark that he's heavy and hard to carry for very long. You have shed our puppy's amount of weight; your joints must be happy, happy. Good for you to have that much focus and desire to work for your goals. That result represents numerous instances of making courageous choices.

With all your 5K's your bound to meet some fun people to team with as another wonderful bonus. Today on the elliptical (for 65 min, YAY) I had a conversation with a new person that led to a nice connection. She grew up in in the same neighborhood as Craig and graduated from the same high school, but is closer to Craig's brother's age. She's also of Norwegian descent, like Craig, so we had many fun similarities. She took my number into her phone and we're bound to reconnect so she and Craig can share memories..."Go Titans," she said as she left. I can tell you the 65 min (600 cal!)went very easily.
Congrats on your impressive progress!!


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