Monday, October 02, 2006

More weekend exercise

I continue to get up every morning to exercise for an hour. Even with hard workouts, I feel like I get on with my job and other responsibilities okay. It's a great feeling to have that accomplishment under my belt every morning.

Yesterday after supper, I walked on the Duke cross country trail for 3o minutes. It's in Duke Forest, and part of it goes along the Duke golf course. It's quite beautiful, lots of trees and woodland sounds. There were a number of athletes out, mostly runners and bikers whizzing by. I felt a little too bashful to try jogging among the fit company around me, but in time, I will. There are some good hills on this trail, so it's a nice workout. The whole thing is 5K, which is a distance I'm trying to improve on. I would LOVE to be able to jog the whole thing some day. I WILL run the whole thing one day.

1 comment:

lispis said...

It's awesome how you're staying fired up, setting higher goals, working out in the morning, and being a go-getter. We're mighty impressed.


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