Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Workout and 100 Day Challenge Update

I enjoyed the gym this morning. There were more people there than I expected, considering it was a holiday, but I was a little later than usual (after sleeping in and puttering). Did 8.03 miles in 45:02 min on the bike, then 1.62 miles in 30:03 min on the treadmill. Had a nice, long stretch afterward to give my IT bands some TLC, then did 60 ab crunches on the ball. I usually feel pretty hurried at the gym, so it was nice to feel like I could take my time.

Nine days into my 100 Day Challenge, things are going pretty well. Today is my 9th day, and I've lost 2 pounds, walked 126,861 steps (an average of a little over 14,000 steps per day, thanks to a couple of long runs), and drunk the requisite water for 8 of 9 days. I've been hoping for a faster rate of weight loss, but I need to remember just to stay the course. On the other hand, I'm pleased with my walking steps, especially in the summer heat.


Johann said...

you're doing great! Keep it up!

Christina said...

Bad! Bad! Bad! IT Band! I saw some earlier posts and think you need to scold it.

Have you ever read anything by Dr. Sarno? It's not quite mind over matter but along those lines. It helped me get past my injuries. That and my PT exercises.


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