Saturday, July 24, 2010

All Pacing Bets Were Off Today!

This morning's 9 miler was another one on the American Tobacco Trail in Apex, an area of the trail I really enjoy! I decided not to worry about my pace today, though on this side of it, I wish I'd gone faster. It was pretty warm (high 80s early this morning, I'd bet, and pretty darn humid!), though, so I'm just going to try not to worry about it! Interesting to note that my fastest mile was my last one, which tells me I had some gas left in the tank, though not much sweat left! :) I have another 9 miler next weekend, so it'll be interesting to compare.

I saw my first ATT snake today, a big, long, black one. I wonder what kind it was! It helped with my pace for a few yards! :)

I used my new pink iPod Shuffle this morning and enjoyed it a lot! I don't know yet how to find a particular playlist on it, so I just listened to the "All" list today. I added some new-to-my-iPod-library songs last night (transferred from an old iPod that has almost died), and those were fun to listen to today. It was also nice not to have to carry or wear my bigger iTouch this morning, especially since I was out there so long.



1 comment:

Johann said...

Don't worry about the pace to much. You did the distance and that's most important. I can imagine how the snake helped with pace!


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