Thursday, July 08, 2010

Recovery Week In Progress

I've been low key about blogging this week, since this is a recovery week on my schedule.

Monday: 2.91 miles on the elliptical machine in 40:05 minutes
Tuesday: Walked .50 mi in 10:01 min to warm up, then ran/walked 3.11 miles in 50:07 min on the treadmill
Wednesday: 5.69 mi in 35:00 min on the bike
Today: Walked 3 mi in 55:03 min

Tomorrow's my usual rest day, and Saturday I'll run/walk 6 miles. Some recovery weeks, I'm pushing the envelope, but this week I've enjoyed taking it down a notch for a few days. I have tried some different metatarsal pads over the past week, and the right toe pain is approaching sooner than without them. I was hoping for the opposite reaction! Ah, well.

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